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Pang lineage was originally settled in Gansu.  Then, the Pangs moved to Jishuixian, Jiangxi.  During the Northern Song dynasty (A.D. 960- 1127), the Pang lineage moved to Chaozhou and Dongguan successively.

During the Southern Song dynasty (A.D. 1127 – 1279), Pang Kwai migrated to Lung Yeuk Tau in Fanling and finally settled in Fan Ling Lau.  Afterwards during the early Wanli reign of the Ming dynasty (1573-1580), the descendants of Pang’s family selected an auspicious hour to build the walls, the watchtowers and 42 houses in the west of Fan Bik Leng (the present Fanling Tsuen). When their descendants proliferated later, they divided the walled village into Ching Wai, Nam Wai and Pak Wai.