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Haus were descendants of Chun Man Hau with origin in Shanggujun. The Hau’s family moved southward during the Sung Dynasty and their descendants proliferated to six major family branches, namely at Nanhai county and Panyu county in Guangzhou, Enping county and Xinxing county in Zhaoqian and Jiayingzhou. Haus in Ho Sheung Heung belonged to the one in Panyu and their ancestor named Hau Ng-long (1023-1086) migrated to Xinan county in the Sung Dynasty.
When Hau Ng-long, the ancestor of Sung Dynasty, traveled east, he admired the luxuriant and graceful mountainous range of Xinan east, so he moved to settle in Ho Sheung Heung from Panyu. He became the first ancestor in Ho Sheung Heung, Kam Qian and Yin Kong. From Hau Ng-long to Hau Suk-yu for four generations, Suk-yu had four sons and his third son Hau Chung-yau (the 5th generation ancestor) was the ancestor in Ho Sheung Heung while Guk Tin and Kat Tin were his branches. The forth son Chung-yin was the founding ancestor in Guk Fung Leng while Bing Gong and Lo Fong were his branches. When it came to the 11th generation ancestor Hau Cheuk-fung, he established the family estate in Ho Sheung Heung in the early Ming period becoming the founding ancestor in Ho Sheung Heung.      

There are four villages in Ho Sheung Heung namely Nam Bin Wai, Pak Bin Wai, Chung Sum Tsuen and Chung Wai Tsuen (San Tsuen).